Bedroom Suite With ArmoireWhen you were a teenager, you used to build bedroom furniture as a multifunctional space, namely as a place to work, read, or watch television.

After marriage, this is the right time for you to build bedroom furniture really like a private space full of privacy with your husband.

From there, your relationship must always be warm and intimate because when you meet in the room there are no other activities that can be done besides communicating and making out to establish intimate romantic relationships. Of course, it would be nice to have bedroom furniture that supports this, right?

Therefore, it is important for us to always build bedroom furniture area that is truly intimate and warm.

Entering a more private space with a sliding door limiting system, the renovated house is quite satisfying. Behind the sliding door is a family room that is quite simple but still warm. From this family room, you can connect to the second floor and the main bedroom furniture. The main bedroom furniture of a married couple is conceptualized with a warmer atmosphere.

The selection of the combination colors of maroon and silver wallpaper looks beautiful to build the main bedroom furniture. In this main bedroom furniture, there is a bathroom that is conceptualized more naturally.

We use natural bathroom walls to bring a more natural and comfortable atmosphere. To add to the comfort and warmth of the atmosphere of the family room this couple presents a waterfall under the connecting stairs on the second floor. Can hear the sound of running water and can provide refreshment.

The connecting ladder is in the corner of the house with a yellow nuance on the steps. On this connecting staircase presents a fairly inspirational lighting concept. Roofs on stairs use thick glass coated with a film to maximize natural light from the sun.

In addition, an inspiring design also has a second-floor air circulation system. Elongated losers with the use of glass can be shifted up will provide good air circulation. The second floor utilizes the ceiling height of the house.

In a very high ceiling of the house can be used as a child’s bedroom. Using wooden blocks as the floor. On the second floor that utilizes the ceiling height of this house, there are three bedroom furniture, one bathroom, and one computer room.


The main thing you want to build when renovating this house is quite simple, how a house must provide comfort for the occupants and can accommodate needs.

The house where you get around the limitations of land to create a pattern of relationships between spaces that are small but spacious. Yes, hopefully, this can inspire everyone who has ever entered our home.

Bedroom furniture is an area that is the most comfortable and private place where we can release fatigue after a day of activities such as work and school or college. So the color paint design for bedroom furniture must be really considered because it can have a psychological impact on its residents.

The choice of colors for bedroom furniture is actually not difficult. But most people use neutral colors for their bedroom furniture. But if you want to create a different atmosphere you can play colors for bedroom furniture.

Similar to building the atmosphere of another room at home, when building bedroom furniture it is also necessary to determine the theme of the expected atmosphere.

Here’s how to choose paint colors for bedroom furniture:

  1. Blue symbolizes calm and can eliminate the tension that is on you and blue can help you with relaxation.
  2. Green symbolizes coolness, comfort, and shade, making you feel more comfortable and at home, especially in the bedroom furniture.
  3. Yellow symbolizes happiness, pleasure, and joy, if this color is applied to the color of children’s bedroom furniture is perfect because it will be able to help the development of the child’s brain and can help those of you who are disappointed to be cheerful.
  4. Red, red symbolizes a vibrant, fiery character and never gives up in living his life.
  5. Get other idea about colors bedroom furniture in this link.

You also feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home in the bedroom furniture.

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