Round Oak Kitchen Table SetsHave you ever imagined how restaurants have many customers because they know well how to set up a daily dining table? And how do i set a table properly ?

Restaurants that have high-quality standards will apply this. It’s so important to arrange a minimalist dining table because this can add to our appetite. Besides being pleasing to the eye, a neatly arranged dining table will make it easier to take a lot of food.

Completing a table using cutlery according to the type of dish is something that everyone should know.

The following are some important tips on arranging a dining table so that the atmosphere looks charming. And how do i set a table properly :

1. Organizing the dining table can combine themes and colors to beautify the atmosphere

To be more attractive, you can arrange a dining table with a mix of decorations, colors and certain themes. For example, for those of you who are young at heart, it will be suitable to use a pop art theme. For those who like simplicity and elegance, you can use the monochrome theme.
Dinner with lovers will be perfect if you use a romantic theme. It never hurts to follow the current trends, namely by using a shabby chic theme.
Choose cutlery with matching colors combined with the color of the tablecloth or table color. The best reference is to use a wooden table. This table is in addition to minimalist, the natural impression will be easier to pair with the theme or color on the tableware that you have.
Alloy wood table with a suitable table runner will present an elegant side if added with pearl decorations if you want to arrange a dining table in a formal style.

2. Warm up the atmosphere of the dining table with fresh flowers, tissues, or candles.

How to arrange the right dining table with a beautiful look can be obtained from the decoration of fresh flowers. But the number and layout need to be considered so as not to fill the table. Try to choose fresh flowers that are not flavorful so that the smell of flowers does not affect the aroma of the dish served.
Don’t forget that the main function of the dining table is that the room is comfortable for guests to eat so you don’t need to give excessive decoration. Arranging the dining table with lots of decorations actually makes it full and obstructs the viewer’s other person.
For this reason, it is very important to know how to organize a good dining table, especially in terms of decoration.
You can arrange a dining table with beautiful accessories, for example, flowers, tissue, or candles if you choose a buffet theme. Because the buffet concept will take up more space at the dining table.

3. Consider who invited guests and pay attention to the conditions around the dining table

To choose decorations, you can consider from the side of the guests who will be invited to attend the meal.
How many people will attend?
Are guests who are close friends or business partners?
Are they including vegetarians?
Things like this will affect the preparation of arranging the dining table.
What is often overlooked is the concern for conditions around the dining table. Don’t just focus on arranging the dining table. Conditions around the messy dining table will certainly affect the mood of eating, right?

4. Prepare the equipment needed in accordance with the type and style of arrangement

Next is the stage for arranging the dining table. Some of the dishes that are usually used are as follows:

1. Tables and chairs
2. Tablecloth
3. Table runner (if needed)
4. Equipment in the form of spoons, forks, and knives
5. Chinaware equipment in the form of:
– plates consist of a dinner plate, plate soup, dessert plate, butter and bread plate, fish plate, breakfast plate, and plate for putting decorations.
– Cups consist of a teacup, coffee cup, egg dish, cup demitasse.
– saucer for placemat.
– teapot and coffee pot.
– milk and water.
– Bowl.
– astray
6. Glassware equipment in the form of:
– stemmed glasses.
– Non-stemmed glasses
7. Napkin
8. Table number
9. Salt and pepper shaker
10. Additional decorations if needed

5. Understand the style of arrangement of the dining table that is often used so that the order is more charming

And how do i set a table properly ? In general, there are 3 types of ways to organize a dining table, including:

1. Basic setting table
This is a simple table layout. So, the equipment needed is to prepare a table that has been given a table mat. Then you can add a table runner so that the table looks more beautiful. Arrange the napkins and equipment according to the tips as follows.
– There are eight tips on arranging a dining table:
– The order of arrangement is arranged from left to right.
– The leftmost is a fork.
– Then place the plate on the right.
– Next is a knife and a sharper part is placed facing the plate.
 The last and the far right is a spoon. Napkins can be placed under a fork or on a plate if the arrangement is informal.

2. Informal table settings
How to organize a dining table informally is usually done for casual events with invited guests are close friends. Usually, the food menu consists of soup, salad, main menu, and closing. The following are the stages in arranging a dining table in an informal style.

A. Dinner plate.

Is the first equipment that must be placed on the table. Then you can put a napkin on a plate.

B. Two forks.

Just as explained in the basic table settings, the fork is on the left. These two forks have different sizes, large and small. A large fork is used for the main menu while a small fork is used for salads or appetizers.
Laying between large and small forks are arranged according to the order in which the menu will be served. For example, if the first menu served is an appetizer, then a small fork is on the far left side of the plate.
Vice versa, if the main menu is served first, then a larger size fork is placed on the far left.

C. Napkins.

Fold or put the napkin in the napkin ring. You can put a napkin to the left of the fork or in the middle of the dinner plate (dinner plate). If you don’t have a napkin ring, you can fold the napkin and place it under the fork.

D. Dinner Knife.

Place the dinner knife to the right of the plate and the sharper side is faced with the plate. For informal meals, a dinner knife can be used for all types of dishes, but the knife that has been used should not be placed on a table or tablecloth.
E. Spoon.

The location of the spoon is always to the right of the knife. If the food served first is soup, then the soup spoon is placed on the outermost side or right side of the knife.

F. Glass.

Glass for all types of drinks, whether mineral water, juice, tea, and wine are placed on the right side of the dinner plate (located on top of the knife and spoon).

G. You can add salad plates, bread and butter plates, spoons and forks for dessert, and coffee cups if you want to serve salads, bread, dessert, and coffee. But this is a choice.

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