About me and my blog


My name : Akhmad Riyadi

My email : [email protected]

This site is a blog about innovation concepts about smart homes and how to organize minimalist and modern furniture. Make your dream home ideal and comfortable with your beloved family. All posts on this blog are the result of my own writing and hope that you get inspiration in arranging the furniture in your home.

The background of the establishment of this blog began when I was happy with various kinds of smart furniture and home design and comfortable in view. For now, the blog does not yet have a special team, so only me as the admin trying to make the writing useful for those of you who have visited this blog.

I live in a small town, I dream that my writing can be seen all over the world.
Just a few introductions from me on the “ABOUT ME” page and I end. hopefully, we are always healthy to be able to produce useful smart ideas.

Please visit the page “HOME” or “BLOG” link to find inspiration for your furniture ideas.